A day in the life of a ballerina - a nice little peek into the life of Ashley Laracey, a modern day ballerina at the New York City Ballet Company. 

Ballet is about perfection. Yet, it seems like in every ballerinas life, they are fraught with self-criticism and the need to “always be better”. They’re never good enough.

I realize that for women like Ashley Laracey—an elite ballerina—these two things must be related: the stepped-out-of-a-cryogenic-freezer skin and the frigid self-criticism. Like “underdog” Laracey, many ballerinas dance all day, never seeing much sunlight, and, despite the hours of grueling practice and self-flagellation, never think it’s enough.

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The other great way to figure out where to eat in a new city is to provoke nerd fury online. Go to a number of foodie websites with discussion boards. Let’s say you’re going to Kuala Lumpur — just post on the Malaysia board that you recently returned and had the best rendang in the universe, and give the name of a place, and all these annoying foodies will bombard you with angry replies about how the place is bullshit, and give you a better place to go.

Anthony Bourdain on traveling, flying, and being in new cities. I myself have been one of the “furious nerds” online, and never thought to do this. Genius. 

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John Oliver brings out the ridiculous-ness of Miss America pageants and questions WHY it still exists today.

Some great soundbites  when Donald Trump says “it’s obviously about great outer beauty - we like to say looks don’t matter but it obviously does or else you won’t have a job.” to which John Oliver says, “it’s a little ironic that the Miss USA pageant is overseen by the ugliest soul on the planet.” Boom. 

Also - I haven’t watched Miss USA or most pageants in awhile (except for the Miss Hong Kong, but that’s on a completely different spectrum than Miss USA) but it’s so true when John Oliver questions why they get asked incredibly difficult questions like HOW TO SOLVE THE ISIS CREDIT in 20 seconds. What I’ve learned from Miss USA answers is mostly that a) they are great at PR and doing the whole answering-a-question-but-not-answering-the-question and b) they have great coaches and c) I can’t even answer that. 

But what really blows my mind about the whole investigative piece is John Oliver’s discovery in the end that even though Miss America claims to donate 45 million USD to college funds, and the true number is under half a million, it is still THE largest college fund provider for women. Wow. 

The hidden black market of iPhones

Casey Neistat filmed a few iPhone lines on the days prior to the launch. It was made primarily of mainland Chinese people - most don’t look like the demographic of iPhone users and which we can mostly assume are there to re-sell it for a higher price. You’d think that they’re buying it so that they can sell it in mainland China (since it’s not out for a few months there), but the video seems to show people re-selling it right away.

I don’t see how it’s worth it to be in line for 2 days, without a shower, for a couple hundred bucks.

Unless, you’re in mainland China of course, and you can re-sell it for $3000USD. Obviously don’t know how true the below source is, but never underestimate how desperate the rich Chinese can be for the newest thing in market. 

iPhone 6 for 128gb is 24,000RMB, which is about $3k USD

iPhone 6+ for 128gb is 28,000RMB, which is about $3.5k USD

To put it in perspective, on Apple’s homepage, iPhone 6 128gb is sold for $399 and iPhone 6+ 128gb is sold for $499.

Understanding targeted ads through a prank

Well, if I ever found the most layman way to understand how something works - it’s through a prank. 

Brian Swichkow pranked his roommate in one of the more elaborate and soul sucking way possible - through Facebook targeted ads. His post is a good read to understand HOW Facebook targeting ads works too. 

It’s been proven time and time again that Facebook knows more about you than you know about you. While advertisers are able to use that data in their targeting, it’s often poorly executed (which is why I, a Jew-ish guy, often see ads for Christian dating sites), but as a Facebook user you’re never able to see WHY you’re being targeted. This was exactly what I planned to use to exact my revenge. I was going to target him with highly personalized messages that were focused on things Facebook truly shouldn’t know about his personal life – things that weren’t even online, let alone on Facebook. The goal, to make him unbelievably paranoid.

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Minecraft for Every Generation

K and I have talked a lot about how we will be raising our future children (which is some time in the far far future). Mostly about how I would like to work and he would like to be a stay at home father. However, he has this preconceived notion that he will be teaching our child video games at a very early age. Hmm.

One game I see a lot of kids playing and really don’t mind is Minecraft. K is a huge fan of it, and I really did try to get into it but couldn’t bring myself to enjoy the pixelated design. 

But I see the merits of it. The imagination that we used to have with Legos and other toys where we had to build something out of nothing. The possibilities. The way you get to build with other people. Despite that fact that I don’t like the design for myself, I actually LIKE the fact that my kid might be enjoying a design that we used to have to face every day. It’s kind of a weird cross generational satisfaction.

Anyway, on the news that Microsoft bought Minecraft for $2.5 billion dollars, I am glad to see Minecraft be able to expand, have support and be the next cool-learning-but-gaming tool for kids and it is naturally becoming to be. 

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The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30…What I learned about bombing as a writer at Saturday Night is that you can’t be too worried about your “permanent record.” Yes, you’re going to write some sketches that you love and are proud of forever—your golden nuggets. But you’re also going to write some real shit nuggets. And unfortunately, sometimes the shit nuggets will make it onto the air. You can’t worry about it. As long as you know the difference, you can go back to panning for gold on Monday.

– Tina Fey “Bossypants” - her book is like the ultimate guide for modern millennial women. 

Buzzfeed presents - How much sugar do people eat around the world?

I’m not really surprised with America (I mean, who is?) But it is interesting to see that most of the other countries are developing nations, with a growing appetite for soft drinks and candies. 

Except for maybe India…whose desserts are THE SWEETEST that I have ever had in my life.